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I am currently PhD student student at Stanford University (Mixed Signal Group):


Research Interests:

  • Sampling theory, Finite Rate of Innovation sampling, Compressive Sampling
  • System Identification
  • Efficient linearization of PA (Power Amplifiers)

Former hobbys/interests

  • IT Security, cryptography
  • Linux, UNIX derivates and everything related to it
  • Antique computers and mainframes (in particular 19" rackmount systems)
  • Hardware-related development (microcontrollers, drivers, TI92+)
  • Theoretical informatics, algorithms
  • Webapplications
  • Programming and Software Engineering. Starting from low-level assembly (i386, m68k, Atmel) to MFC. Windows API, POSIX, various programming languages (depending on usage)
  • Computer and IT networks (protocols like TCP/IP, Ethernet, FibreChannel, TokenRing, ATM, ...)
  • 19" (Servers, network components, ...)
  • Communication technologies, telephony, ISDN, VoIP, Asterisk
  • Wireless LAN Stiftingtal (http://www.stiftingtal.net), project closed