Diskussion:GPG: WinPT + KeePass = KeePT

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r04r meinte …

<comment date="2012-01-10T23:31:42Z" name="r04r" url="http://minichan.org"> Would it be possible to get this plugin for KeePass 2.x? </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2012-01-11T08:44:27Z" name="Niki"> Hi r04r,

Unfortunately the plugin is only available for KeePass 1 since I am only using KP1.

The plugin interface for KP2 is fundamentally different (based in C#/managed code) and provides different APIs, so it is a hard task to port the plugin. Maybe I will switch to KP2 myself one time, then I will probably port the plugin. Also when there are many inquiries for KP2, I may consider porting it.

Regards, Niki


r04r meinte …

<comment date="2012-01-11T10:45:19Z" name="r04r" url="http://minichan.org"> Hello Niki,

Thank you for the input and I was afraid that might be the case. This plugin and the SSH Agent one look really useful so that's too bad. May I ask why you're sticking with KP1? </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2012-01-11T13:29:24Z" name="Niki"> Hi,

In general, KP2 is more "bloat" because it is based on .NET, C# and is slower. The features in KP2 are great but I can life without them.

My main reason is that for KP1 I have a port for my mobile phone (Windows Mobile) which is a main requirement for me. Ironically, KP1 seems to be more future-proof for me (personally) because there is a Linux port (KeePassX) and an Android port, should I buy a new phone.

The final decision for me to use KP1 gave me the author himself where he assured multiple times that KP1 is not being discontinued and there are no plans to do so. KP1 is just a kind of "KP lite". KP2 was made because of all these new requested features which required a complete redesign. As the author told me, he even is using KP1 for himself!

Last but not least, KP1 seems to be used in enterprise environments and it is also used in my company (a well known IC manufacturer with 40k employees worldwide).

Regards, Niki


pete meinte …

<comment date="2012-12-10T14:49:13Z" name="pete"> We use KP2 at work, due to its ability to handle multiple users accessing 1 database </comment>

Josch meinte …

<comment date="2015-07-21T14:45:26Z" name="Josch"> Hi ro4r, any changes on the KP1-Policy with you :)

Regards, Josch </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2015-07-21T20:17:59Z" name="Niki"> Hi Josh,

Indeed, there are changes (for me at least, don't know for ro4r ;-) ).

I switched to KP2 some time ago and and even created some (actually simple) plugins already: http://niki.hammler.net/wiki/KeePass (more of them started but unfinished).

I also wanted to port the KeePT plugin already (and started) but it seems to be non-trivial because I need to load a 32 bit DLL into a possibly 64 bit process (.NET). Also my time is rather limited.

But if I see that other people would also use it this would motivate me to put more emphasis on it ;-)