Diskussion:More extensions for KeePass

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jzomer meinte …

<comment date="2011-05-16T14:10:43Z" name="jzomer" url="http://strelitzia.net"> any plans on delivering this for Keepass 2.x?! </comment>

Nick meinte …

<comment date="2011-05-27T14:42:22Z" name="Nick" url="http://www.conditionalcomment.co.uk"> jzomer, I was wandering the same! The functionality looks to be exactly what I am trying to do. </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2011-06-02T17:22:32Z" name="Niki" signature="Niki"> Hi,

Sorry, unfortunately no concrete plans :-( I do not (yet?) use KP2. I have/had the plan to change, however, the plugin structure is completely different. So there might be a KP2 plugin somewhen when I have time, however, there is no concrete plan/roadmap.


Regards, Niki </comment>

Till meinte …

<comment date="2011-12-20T10:24:02Z" name="Till"> just tried your putty plugin and didn't get it to work. Maybe you can help? The key is listed under Tools/PuttyAgent/List Keys. The balloon shows up. But authentication doesn't work. Same key works perfectly with original ageant. The key is password protected and the password is stored along with the key in keypass. Thanks, Till </comment>

Niki meinte …

<comment date="2011-12-20T14:45:21Z" name="Niki"> Hmm, sounds as solution is not so easy. Please write me an email (niki at hammler dot net), I will try to help you. Niki


Niki meinte …

<comment date="2012-01-15T22:02:13Z" name="Niki" signature="Niki"> @ Till (and others who are facing this problem): there was a change in Putty 0.62 causing this effect.

this is fixed now in Putty Agent Plugin 2.1!
thanks r04r  for reporting!


PW meinte …

<comment date="2012-03-08T06:37:51Z" name="PW"> Very nice, but KP2 has nice features (triggers, ...) too, so which version to be used? A KP2-Plugin would be so great!! </comment>