Lenovo Auto-Rotate Patch rotates internal screen

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Lenovo tablets (X220t, X230t, possibly others) have the nice feature of automatically rotating the screen orientation between laptop mode and tablet mode using the inertia sensor for the HDD.

Unfortunately this does not work with multiple monitors as it always rotates the primary monitor. For example, when the laptop is docked and connected to an external monitor, a switch between tablet mode and laptop mode would rotate the external monitor and not the internal screen, as it should. This happens only when the external monitor is configured as primary display but more often than not, this is the case.

This small patch fixes this issue.

Lenovos "ThinkPad Tablet Shortcut Menu" always rotates the primary display, independent if it is the internal tablet display or not. This is super annoying because it messes up screen rotation completely.

Generally, to make auto rotation work, the following software must be installed:

  • Lenovo Active Protection System
  • ThinkPad Tablet Shortcut Menu

To always rotate the internal screen (and not the primary display) when you turn your laptop screen, follow these instructions:

  • Download LenovoAutoRotatorPatch.zip below
  • Go to c:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkPad\Tablet Shortcut\
  • Rename ScreenRotation.exe to ScreenRotation.exe.orig
  • Copy the ScreenRotation.exe from the zip to this directory




  • Lenovo
  • Thinkpad
  • auto-rotate
  • Tablet Shortcut Menu
  • ThinkVantage
  • tablet mode
  • Lenovo Active Protection System
  • X220t, X230t, ...