Lenovo X230t and Win8

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Common stuff

  • DiskCryptor does not work on Win8. To be precise, hibernation mode does not work. Unfortunately no response(s) from ntldr. TrueCrypt works perfectly, also for SSD (in my case).
  • Tiles & stuff is ridiculous and makes Windows unuseable. ClassicShell (http://www.classicshell.net) helps: Enable start button, start menu and remove magic corners. Unfortunately the classic has disappeared completely which makes using Win8 uncomfortable and ugly.
  • Tablet support (IME etc) in Win8 is an impertinence! It's not existent at all. Unfortunately no replacement known.
  • Camera: g1c810ww.exe (Integrated Camera Driver for Windows 8,
  • Card Reader: g1s808ww.exe (Ricoh Media Card Reader Driver for Windows 8,
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8 (64-bit),


  • TODO: Battery Firmware Upgrade

Power Manager

  • Lenovo Power Management Driver,, giku06ww.exe
  • Power Manager: Officially not supported on Win8. Does not install without compatibility mode
    • Install hfu407ww.exe to c:\swtools\readyapps\pwrmgrv
    • Run setup.exe in Win7 Compatibility mode (don't forget to set for all users if not running with admin rights!)


Bluetooth Drivers for Win7 do not work (g4wb12ww.exe) Install Drivers for Win8 (g4we14ww.exe). Compatibility mode not necessary (?)

Hotkeys etc.

Clean Uninstall:

  • Remove "On Screen Keyboard"
  • Remove "System Interface Driver"
  • In Device Manager, remove "Lenovo HID Mini-driver for Hardware Radio Switch"

gevu60ww.exe works better for me and has Flightmode feature built-in. Does not seem to have (need?) "System Interface Driver"

Install gevu60ww.exe. Do not install driver from this file. Run c:\DRIVERS\HOTKEY\SETUP.exe in Win7 Compatibility mode. If not logged in as admin, make sure you change compatibility mode for all users.

Then Fn+F5 should work + HW switch. BT is by default always on. Create a shortcut in Startup folder with:

"C:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\TpFnF5.exe" /BTOFF

Attention: When the Desktop has the focus while pressing Fn+F5, it is overwritten by Windows and the device toggle flight mode instead! Make sure that a different application has focus while pressing Fn+F5!

Wireless Hardware Switch

Nothing needed. Leaves "Unknown Device" (DEV_0078) in Device Manager. If you install "Lenovo HID HW Radio Driver for Windows 8 (32-bit , 64-bit) - ThinkPad" http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS032422 (g1hd55ww.exe), flight mode will toggle in addition to the Lenovo Tool messages!

If you do not want this, either don't install the driver or disable the "HID-compliant device" which has DEV_0078 as parent. I don't know if this has an impact on power consumption etc.

Fn+F6 (ThinkVantage Communications Utility)

  • ThinkVantage Communications Utility,

This hot key is registered twice:

  1. Rename c:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\tpfnf6.exe to c:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\tpfnf6.exe.old
  2. Use ThinkpadHotKey.exe (see below) to map C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Communications Utility\TPFNF6.exe with parameter /HOTKEY to Fn+F6 (only if not yet done by Communications Utility!)

Useful tools