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MPE_Lock.exe is a very small tool which locks the workpace if the connection to MyPhoneExplorer is lost. MyPhoneExplorer ( is a nice synchronization tool for Android phones that also provides remote control, remote keyboard, notification forwarding and more.

In my setup, I usually have my phone connected, either directly via USB or via Bluetooth. If I leave my desk I pick my phone. However I also should enter WIN+L to lock my workstation but this can be forgotten in a hurry.

MPE Lock attempts to fix this: MyPhoneExplorer provides an event handler for lost connection. MPE_Lock.exe is an executeable that can be used for this event handler. It accepts one parameter: timeout in seconds. In no parameter is given, it defaults to 5 seconds.

After MPE_Lock.exe has been called, it displays an on-screen-message counting the seconds and locks the workstation if any user activity (keyboard, mouse input) occurs during that time.

Here is a screenshot:

MPE Lock Screenshot.png

Setup: Open %APPDATA%\MyPhoneExplorer\general.ini and add the following line (for a 7 second timeout):

 OnConnectionLost=c:\usr\bin\MPE_Lock.exe 7

Place MPE_Lock.exe in c:\usr\bin (or the directory you supplied).

Download: Datei:MPE Lock

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